About the Little Girl

The Little Girl Within 1955

Conflicting Hearts is my story of childhood abuse set in a fictional world. Why would I write such a book exposing my past?  Blame it on all the best sellers regarding women enjoying kinky sex at the hands of dominant men.

The book is not meant to judge those who enjoy that path.  Rather it is an eye-opening journey into the mind of a woman who suffers from masochist tendencies.  The selfish act of childhood abuse has a profound effect on the mind of a little girl.  As a result of the trauma, she grows into a woman who struggles with various painful issues and poor relationships.  ​

About the Author

Since I was a young child, I’ve wanted to write. The drive has always been there in my soul, but the circumstances have not. Due to my background, I made poor choices in relationships and entertained low-self esteem, surrounded by fear of rejection. When I finally found the courage, I began writing late in life.

My usual genre is historical fiction and historical romance. I have eighteen novels under three pen names. Visit my website HERE for more information.

I live in the Portland, Oregon area with a pesky cat who refuses to let me sleep in, enjoy traveling to England, researching my English ancestry, and creating stories.

Unfortunately, I never found the Ian Richards of my life.